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The Band

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Al Strand – Guitar/Vocals

Al Strand was born in Vancouver and learned to play guitar as a youngster at the iconic Bill Lewis music store.  He played in an assortment of bands throughout the '70s and '80s and formed the original music band VONIBO which had a top ten hit on CITR radio in 1988.  Al's musical influences range from the Beatles, Stones, Bowie, Pink Floyd to Zappa.



Doug Friesen  – Guitar/Vocals

Doug was that kid who sang louder than every other kid in the primary school Christmas concert. In his early teens he picked up the guitar and fell in love with the ability to make music. He has written a plethora of original tunes and after several years is returning to the cover song music scene because there just isn’t enough gigs as an original act.

In joining Los Meatballs he is excited to deliver electrifying shows to the lower mainland music scene. He can crank out the energy on stage and deliver impactful vocals that will make you feel like you are at an A-room rock show.

Brian Mcgibney - Keys/Vocals
The product of an opera soloist/choral director mother and a wicked piano player father, Brian's influences span Mozart to Motown, ska to Santana.  Active on the Vancouver Scene since 1980, Brian has played keys and more with,  The Invaders, Mae Moore, Christine Best and “The Dynamics” to name a but a few bands.  Known as a very energetic performer, nothing makes him happier than  a packed danced floor that sings along with the band .
Rick Reubart - Bass/Vocals
The favorite son of two music professors and performers, Rick       knew the beauty and power of music at a very early age.  In his
teens, recognizing that Cream, Hendrix and the Beatles were way cooler to his peers than Chopin, Haydn and Bach, he moved from   playing double bass in a youth orchestra to electric bass in a rock   cover band.  Rick has played original prog rock, blues and thinking person's rock, and has covered everything from rock to fusion to R&B to jazz to rockabilly to blues, with a little country tossed in       for good measure.  It is to some the height of arrogance, but Rick   believes that:  no bass = no groove.
Bob Schwartz - Drums
Brooklyn (NY) born Bob was a classically trained and performing percussionist, but like many other musicians of the day, was influenced by Motown, California surf music, and the British Invasion.  Working with long-time friend and collaborator Max Kramer, Bob continues to contribute and record over 340 original tunes.  After settling in Vancouver, Bob became a founding member of local bands “Don’t Tell Mom!”, and “Dick Cash”. Gear includes his vintage Ludwig snares, and Sonor AQ2 drums.

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